It came down to feeling at home. That is how we chose our new office. And, as those of you who celebrated our Open House with us know, it really is a wonderful and nurturing space!  The difference from our previous 3 shared office spaces we worked from last year (Yes, we moved 3 times in 2017!) is huge! We now hang our clients artwork on the wall, brainstorm on poster boards and, best yet, meet in the privacy of our own office. 



The Open House was an amazing opportunity for our OYFF community to come together and celebrate this milestone in our history. So thank you to all who joined us! It also gave us the chance to show off the work that we have been doing this past year.

(To see all OYFF’s 2017 Accomplishments and 2018 Goals, click HERE.)

We also shared our plans for the coming year which, I'm excited to announce, include holding  our first ever retreat in Southern California! Now our clients in the south can benefit from a weekend of workshops and activities designed to build peer community and empower them to achieve their dreams.

Speaking of expanding OYFF’s impact, our Program and Development Assistant, Pearl Chen, and I are heading to the United Nations this month as delegates to the Commission on the Status of Women. So make sure to keep an eye out for our social media posts from NYC and read more HERE.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your engagement with OYFF. So keep on getting the word out and stay in touch!


Robin Endres | Executive Director

Retreat Support Clinician


OYFF will have a Retreat Support Clinician available at our retreats.  The main role of the Retreat Support Clinician is to provide individual support for women during the retreats.  We would like to introduce to Cammy Froude who will be at our upcoming retreat in this role.   Welcome Cammy! 

Dr. Cammy Froude is a licensed marriage and family therapist with fellowship training in medical family therapy. Currently, Cammy works at John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency providing therapy to primary care patients and teaching medical residents about patient-centered approaches to healthcare. In this setting, she has supported individuals, couples, and families through life cycle transitions and recovery from health concerns. Using a client centered approach, Cammy works with individuals and families in one-to-one and group therapy. A key component of Cammy’s approach is to explore individuals’ strengths and discuss how those strengths can be used to bring people closer to their preferred ways of being.

We're going to the United Nations 62nd Commission on the Status of Women!

Robin and I are excited to attending the United Nations 62nd Commission on the Status of Women as delegates this year. The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is an international branch of the United Nations Economic and Social Council that is dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women.  The CSW emphasizes women's rights, a focus on the diverse experiences and lives of women around the world, and standardizing gender equality and female leadership globally.

I am so honored to be serving at the 62nd CSW as a United Nations delegate. As a Chinese-American woman, San Francisco native and birth mother, I'm looking forward to having conversations about the birth mother experience and advocating for better adoption practices. I am also looking forward to learning about how healthcare, mental health services, and self-care are addressed by women globally. I hope to gain more insight about to foster greater inner strength and leadership in our community of already amazing individuals.

-Pearl Chen, OYFF Development and Program Assistant

Point of View: Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran

The novel, Lucky Boy, by Shanthi Sekaran, published in 2017 is our 7th feature in OYFF’s First/Birth Mother Point of View (POV) series. The POV series is a forum for the voices and opinions of birth/first mothers to react to birth mother representation in popular culture. The novel covers many themes relevant to birth/first mothers; including culture, socioeconomic factors, and health care access.  It is also set in Northern California.  Thank you to Nanci Rider for her thoughtful reflection and reaction to this book.  Click HERE to read it.

OYFF Office New Location

The OYFF office recently moved!  After many years as part of Sandbox Suites offices, we've moved to our own location.  We are very excited about our new space and neighborhood!  Our new address is:

     250 Columbus Ave. Ste. 204

     San Francisco, CA 94133

For your calendar:

  • Monday, March 19th, Priority Registration for the Southern California Retreat opens up for Southern California residents
  • March 30- Sunday, April 1, 2018 OYFF Northern California Spring Retreat
  • Saturday, May 5th, OYFF Mother's Day Gathering in Berkeley, CA 
  • Friday, September 7- Sunday, September 9, 2018 OYFF Northern California Fall Retreat
  • Sunday, October 14, OYFF Gala, Presidio Officer's Club, SF, CA
  • Friday, November 16- Sunday, November 18, 2018 OYFF Fall Retreat in Southern California