Jennifer C. is attending American River College in Sacramento.  She just completed a 12 unit semester with a 3.83 GPA. She originally started off studying dental assisting, but after a very successful semester, changed her goals.  She received an OYFF grant that covered the cost of her textbooks and a laptop for the Spring 2017 semester.

What impact did the OYFF grant have on your ability to succeed?

The grant and laptop I received from OYFF help me not have to worry about the cost of books or the cost of the laptop but allow me to put that mental energy on my classes and school work. I was able to get the books I wouldn't of been able otherwise to afford. The laptop allowed me the freedom to do my homework and school in a more comfortable and fitting environment that allowed me to achieve optimal learning and retention of information to be more successful. The impact of that grant gave me the opportunity to take that energy and be successful beyond my belief. I finished the semester with a 3.833 GPA.

How did you choose this program/course of study?

I chose Business Administration and Management to broaden my opportunities. I had already graduated from Carrington College with a Dental Assisting Certificate but was unable to obtain employment. I realized with that certificate, I was limited to the back office chair siding with the dentist. I didn't want to be limited. I wanted more opportunities. I decided to go back to college, major in business minor in Dental Assisting and with the peace of mind know that one way our another, I'd find employment after it's all said and done. The opportunities are endless.

What's your next step?

After American River College I plan on going on to Sacramento State (CSUS) and get my bachelor's degree. International business is a big interest for me. Enough so that while at ARC I hope to study abroad in the spring semester of 2018 or 2019 depending on my mother's declining health and the fact that I'm trying to get scholarships to cover the cost of the trip. Spending 89 days in Florence Italy is a dream I'm working hard towards. 

What are your plans when you finish school (or program)?

When I finish graduating with honors from ARC like I said, I plan on going to CSUS and graduating with honors with my bachelor's degree. My plan is to work in a state or city office if I don't get the opportunity to work in a Dental office. An office none the less where I can mentor a large group of people and help change lives just like OYFF is doing to mine.

What would you tell other women thinking about starting school?

What would I tell other women thinking about going back.....I'd ask them what they're waiting for. College for me may be stressful but I look forward to it everyday. It's fun and exciting. It's chaotic but a controlled chaos. I love setting short term goals and achieving them just to wait for the next challenge. I'd tell them to prove to themselves just how great, smart, important and wonderful they know they really are inside. To shine like a diamond. Like me, they might just surprise themselves because they are capable of achieving more then they thought they could and that's the best self reward any of us could give ourselves.