Birthmother Therapeutic Retreats

MPA’s weekend retreats put the power of healing directly into your hands.

By meeting other birthmothers / first mothers, you can experience first hand that you are not alone. If you have not met other birthmothers / first mothers, retreats offer a nurturing and welcoming way for you to connect. Of all our services, retreats offer the most immediate way for you as a birthmother / first mother to join with other birthmothers to find community support and self empowerment.

Our retreats are focused on you becoming an agent for change in your own life, bringing about healthy relationships, better parenting, and higher self-confidence. We know that our retreats have long-lasting effects and attendees tell us that retreats ensure they:

  • Have the coping skills to manage emotions. 
  • Know how to find support and resources.
  • Like and feel more accepting of themselves.
If you are interested in receiving MPA services, please fill out our application HERE.