Empowerment Initiatives

MPower Alliance strives to provide a platform for birth mothers/parents to amplify their voices and give a platform for their experiences. We launched our Empowerment Initiative to give birth parents a platform to share their own experiences.

The Empowerment Initiative includes:

Birth Mother/Parent Point of View

Our popular project which gives you the opportunity to react to depictions of birth mothers/parents in popular culture from your point of view. past submissions have included "Juno" and "This Is Us". Birth parents will receive a small stipend for their Point of View. To learn more, email [email protected]

Spotlight on Grant Recipients

Are you a birth mother/parent who has benefited from an Academic/Vocational or Counseling Grant from MPower Alliance? Please consider sharing your experience with us. Click here to share!


If you are a birth mother/parent looking for support and services, click here to connect with us!