Empowerment Initiatives

Many people do not know what open adoption is, or what it means to be a birth mother/parent. Adoption has been kept secret for so long that it is taking years to bring it out into the light. MPower Alliance strives to provide you as a birth mother/parent ways in which to combat social perceptions connected to adoption. Our aim is to educate society at large while supporting you in expressing your own unique experiences. By speaking out, the adoption community can also greatly benefit by learning more about how birthmothers are impacted by adoption.  

We launched our Empowerment Initiative to give you a platform to share your own experience.

The Empowerment Initiative includes:

Birth Mother/Parent Point of View

Our popular project which gives you the opportunity to react to depictions of birth mothers/parents in popular culture from your point of view*. 

Spotlight on Grant Recipients

Are you a recipient of an MPower Alliance Academic and Life Goals Grant? Tell us how your grant impacted your life.

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