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At MPower Alliance, we believe empowering birthmothers to heal needs to be part of every adoption story.

We offer critical psychological counseling, educational grants, and therapeutic retreats where you can connect with a supportive community to work through trauma, isolation, and loss.
We provide insights you need to create a respectful relationship with your child's birthmother, which helps ensure healthy development of your child and form a loving extended family.
We give adoption agencies and attorneys educational materials to help guide ethical adoption experiences. And we offer a full range of client services as well.


Our Stories

Get to know the MPower Alliance Community better.

Birthmother / first mother photo of Ashley for story.
She was 23 years old and already six months along by the time Ashley realized her bloating was an unplanned pregnancy. Though she had the emotional support of her boyfriend and her mother, she decided adoption was her best option. Read more
Photo of birthmother / first mother, Nanci for Story.
When Nanci was 20 years old, she placed her son. She had no choice. It was the 1980s and her parents weren’t supportive, so they sent her away to a maternity home. The experience was traumatic and isolating. Years later she attended a retreat. “I’ll always remember 30 birthmoms stood in a big circle and we each told our story. It was exhausting but so validating. I wasn’t alone like I thought. Read more
Photo of birthmother / first mother for story.
After giving birth to a child in high school, Rachel ended up placing her child in adoption due to economic pressure. The experience changed her forever. In the 22 years since her daughter was born, she’s become a passionate advocate for positive and ethical adoption experiences. Today she’s a social worker in a postpartum and neonatal intensive care unit. Read more

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