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This Holiday Season, Root for Birthmothers.


The End of Year giving season is upon us and with your help, we can continue to uplift birthmothers during these unprecedented times. Our services and ways of support have not only adapted, but have grown, this year! Thanks to you, we were able to reach many firsts this year, including:

  • MPA's first virtual birthmother retreat
  • Community check-ins and mental wellness workshops on Zoom
  • The official launch of "Growing Into You"--a 12-week coaching program for birthmothers to grow into the most grounded and confident versions of themselves.

Make a difference today. Root for birthmothers in 2021 by donating to MPA's Annual Fund!


About Us

Twelve years ago, a group of adoption professionals noticed a crucial gap in adoption services. Women who place their child for adoption were not being served the months and years after placement. We know that after placement women often experience high rates of isolation and grief, which need to be addressed in order for them to carry on productive lives. When women are supported at this time, it positively impacts everyone in their world: children who they place, adoptive parents, children they parent, their partners and their own families.

Today, MPower Alliance (MPA) is one of the only organizations nationwide to provide such services to these women. We give them a voice and support through retreats, educational grants, therapy, and various empowerment initiatives. Our services make crucial life changes possible.

If you are interested in receiving MPA services, please fill out our application HERE.

MPA empowers these women, also referred to as birth or first mothers, to define their own path to wellness and success by collaborating with our experienced staff. Our services help heal the after-effects of placement, not only by supporting and empowering birth mothers, but by uniting them. Birth mothers expand their network of support and often begin taking on leadership roles within MPA.


We are not affiliated with any adoption agency, and focus on support services for a birth/first mother after she has placed her child for adoption.

A note to the term birth/first mother: MPA chooses to use the two terms birth mother and first mother in order to represent women who have placed their child for adoption.  This choice reflects the preference of women we serve, who choose to refer to themselves as birth mothers, first mothers, natural mothers, biological mothers, or simply as a mother.