The Essentials Grant 

4.20.23 UPDATE: All Essentials Grants have been distributed and are unavailable at this time. Please check back a later date for availability.  

At MPower Alliance we understand that economic barriers are often a factor in someone placing their child or children for adoption. We know these challenges can extend post-relinquishment, especially when housing and other cost of living expenses increase and other factors. And sometimes, circumstances come up beyond anyone's control and a little help is needed to alleviate financial stressors. 

An Essentials Grant from MPower Alliance can be requested to help cover a portion of expenses related to emergencies, unexpected expenses that would put a birth parent at risk of being unable to meet their basic needs, and/or would be beneficial for them and their child/children they relinquished for adoption. 

Essential Grants Guidelines:

  • If a birth parent is not a current MPower Alliance client, please complete our intake form first
  • A birth parent can request up to 2 Essentials Grants in a 12 month period. 
  • Only ask for what you truly need. This will allow MPower Alliance to distribute more Essentials Grants to more birth parents.
  • Essentials Grants are distributed on a first come, first served basis. 
  • The dollar amount of the grant distributed is dependent on the funds MPower Alliance has available. Please note that depending on the amount of the request, MPower Alliance may not be able to fully fund the request. 
  • If the number of grant requests exceeds funds that are available, birth parents will be notified as soon as possible and be placed on a wait list. 
  • MPower Alliance will need some sort of documentation or receipt of what the Essentials Grant has been or will be used for. MPower Alliance needs this documentation for our internal record-keeping. 
  • Payments are distributed by check or Zelle. (At this time these are the only two methods of payment distribution we are able to offer).

Please note that MPower Alliance will work to its best abilities to distribute an Essentials Grant quickly. However, delays may occur from time to time depending on capacity, the time of year, number of requests, etc.

An application must be submitted online. Fill out the application here. If you need assistance completing the application, please contact Development & Program Coordinator Pearl Chen at [email protected]

MPower Alliance has access to an interpreter who can assist our team and the birth parent with completing the application.

Examples of what an Essentials Grant can be used for:

  • Food 
  • Gasoline
  • Utilities (electric, gas, phone, internet)
  • Prescription medication and over-the-counter medication (including Plan B)
  • Bus passes and other forms of public transportation
  • Assistance with childcare expenses such as a registration fees
  • Moving expenses (security deposits, movers, moving supplies, van/truck rental, storage space, etc.)
  • Clothing (client and/or child for employment or school)
  • Transportation expenses to visit relinquished child or children
  • Transportation expenses for an emergency situation (e.g. family member or friend who is hospice or experiencing medical emergency)
  • Birthday or holiday gifts for placed child (or children they are parenting)
  • Mobility aids 
  • Menstrual products
  • Assistive technology aids (glasses, hearing aids, etc.)
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Devices such as phones, tablets or computers
  • Funeral expenses
  • Passport expenses
  • Legal fees 
  • Fees related to filing or receiving government documentation, licensure, or certificates 

Examples of what is not covered by an Essentials Grant:

  • Alcohol or other substances that are not medically prescribed
  • Personal savings
  • Gambling
  • Credit card debt 
  • Student loan debt 
  • Payday loan debt
  • Down payments on homes or automobiles
  • Vacation expenses
  • Travel to/from MPower Alliance events 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Development & Program Coordinator Pearl Chen at [email protected].