Coaching and Counseling

At MPower Alliance, we know addressing the most deep-seated and persistent problems you face as a birthmother / first mother requires a path to wellness tailored to the specific needs of birthmothers / first mothers. That’s why we developed an approach just for birthmothers / first mothers that encompasses coaching as a foundational element.


Our “Growing into You” Coaching Program

Participating in our 3-month program can bring you from feeling anxiety to a place of centeredness. The course includes evidence-based content created by Dr. Cammy Froude, licensed therapist, and group coaching calls. You will learn the ways that thoughts, behaviors, and emotions both limit and facilitate your personal success. You will also develop strategies to shift ways of thinking about and experiencing the world. Ultimately, after “Growing into You”, you will know how to capitalize on your strengths and assets to attain your life goals.

Counseling Grants

You may also qualify for counseling grants after being assessed by our licensed therapist. We will refer you to a well-vetted therapist with experience in the unique needs of birth mothers / first mothers. Therapy can help to address issues around placing a child for adoption such as grief, shame, guilt and loss. At MPA, we know that adoption is just one part of your life story, and therapy will improve your overall wellness.