Hello everyone and welcome to our brand-new website! I am thrilled to see you here. Take a look around at our community stories to get to know the MPower Alliance community from many perspectives centering on birthmothers and including adoptive parents and adoption professionals. I promise every story will not only touch your heart, but will also show you our roadmap for forming a supportive and nurturing environment where birthmothers flourish.

Before you dive in to the new site, I thought I would share with you the backstory to how our new website came into being:  


Ellen and Julie came along at just the right time. 

Last summer, we faced a challenge. This may not be surprising since all of us had our lives turned upside down. We had recalibrated all of our services online to continue to support birthmothers and ensure our services met the needs of birthmothers during COVID.

And, like many nonprofits with tight budgets, we were wondering how to grow our community under the new conditions in which we found ourselves. On top of that, we had just undergone a name change to MPower Alliance and we’re trying to figure out how to promote our new identity putting birthmother empowerment and ethical adoption advocacy front and center.

Then, in August through a Taproot Foundation grant, we were matched with Ellen Pifer and Julie Perino, marketing gurus at Adobe, who immediately dove in to assess MPower Alliance's strengths and how to best broadcast them. Over the course of the next few months, they got to know some of our most dedicated community members through in-depth, one-on-one interviews all the while keeping us in the loop with weekly video conferences.

In addition to applying their top-notch marketing talents to the project, Ellen and Julie also recruited colleagues at Adobe to lend their expertise and train us in all things web-related. (Now we’re “in the know” on website development parlance like XD, SEO and UX.) They even brought in one of Adobe’s most brilliant graphic designers to work up a visual vision for a brand-new site that would evoke the emotional connections of our community through imagery and feeling.


But the most moving and valuable lesson I believe we learned from our partnership with Adobe is that our super power as an organization comes from our stories. Giving voice to birthmothers and their lived experiences is fundamental to our mission to empower birthmothers. So our new site gives lots of space to birthmothers’ stories. Our new website also reflects the multiple dimensions of the adoption narrative through the inclusion of adoptive parents and adoption professionals in shaping a supportive environment for birthmothers.  

I hope you enjoy this new online space that we have created with you in mind---whether you are a birthmother looking to join our birthmother community, an adoptive parent seeking connection for your family or an adoption professional wanting to find ethical adoption resources for your clients!

In community,

Robin Endres

Executive Director

Pearl Chen


Where Birthmothers Flourish Through Individual and Community Support