On Friday May 1st, Dr. Cammy Froude gave a webinar presentation on resilience. Thanks so much to Dr. Froude! Read on to view the presentation, read some of the takeaways and highlights.

Resilience: Adaptation During Stress and Trauma

Dr. Froude spoke about identifying an acute crisis, as well as adapting a shift to a new reality due to COVID-19 regulations. One of our participants mentioned reinvigorating old friendships and relationships with family members as a positive shift in her new reality, with the help of the video-chatting app Marco Polo.

Another talking point was about primacy and recency, establishing good habits during the start and end of the day to encourage mental and emotional wellness throughout the day.

The group then had a discussion about "rolling with resistance"--handling situations with someone who is resistant, which is relevant for anyone who has to spend extended time with others during SIP. Releasing tension and working with the tension (reframing) was identified as a way to "roll with resistance". 

Think back to a time of struggle that you have faced in the past. Or how about right now? Have you thought about the resilience you have within to take on those struggles? Reframe and write your story in the context of resilience: Engage, Anchor, and Purpose.

Let the presentation be your guide!

Pearl Chen


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