Thank you to everyone who checked in with us on Friday. It was so wonderful to see old and new faces, tuning in from all parts of the country and even from Canada. We spoke about the struggles of maintaining adoption openness during COVID-19, managing grief, and closed out the the conversation with one thing participants are doing to check in with self-care and self-esteem. Here are two examples:

The Calm app is a downloadable app for your phone. Calm is the #1 rated app for meditation and sleep. The app requires payment, but they offer a 7-day FREE trial (just make sure to cancel before they upgrade the subscription at the end of the trial if you don't want to opt in). Click the icon to go to the Calm website.


Another option for a meditation app that is free is Insight Timer. Insight Timer is free, and has categories to choose from to match your mood, and, as the name states, a timer to set how long you want to meditate for! Check it out below:

Pearl Chen


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