Integrity Initiative: Our Services

MPower Alliance provides services tailored to each woman's need post-placement. We work to ensure that birthmothers have a community, the tools to manage mental health issues, and empower them to achieve their goals. Our programs make a profound difference in not only shaping the future of birthmothers, but also strengthening adoptive families.

"I really don't know where I would be post-placement without OYFF and its members supporting and guiding me."
- MPA Birthmother

  • A therapeutic weekend designed to give birthmothers the tools they need to manage post-placement issues.
  • Empowers birthmothers to develop their own wellness path while building community support.
  • "Growing Into You": A 3-month program focusing on bringing birthmothers from anxiety to a place of centeredness.
  • Through the recommendation of a licensed therapist, a grant for 10 sessions with a local therapist experienced with birthmothers and trauma.
Academic/Life Skills Grants
  • Grants for professional and educational paths ranging from a G.E.D. or professional certification to a Master's degree.
Emergency Grants
  • Serves women in crisis situations such as homelessness or domestic violence.
Find out about the impact and reach of these unique and critical services here.