Welcome to the Integrity Initiative

Welcome to Our Integrity Initiative!

The current adoption process leaves birthmothers on their own to cope with a lifetime of trauma which can lead to depression, suicidality, self-harm and isolation. We at MPower Alliance believe such negative outcomes for birthmothers should no longer be considered within the parameters of an ethical standard. 

We are striving to ensure long-term support for birthmothers is embedded within the adoption process. So we created an Integrity Initiative.

Our Integrity Initiative calls on adoption professionals and adoptive parents to elevate the ethical standard of adoption by ensuring the long-term well-being of birthmothers. We are asking adoption agencies and professionals to take a leading role in the transformation of the adoption experience for birthmothers to include post-placement support. Our initiative provides a roadmap for adoption agencies to engage new adoptive parents in navigating a healthy path through their adoption journey.

Please join MPower Alliance in a partnership to ensure birthmothers receive the vital, life-changing post-placement support they deserve!

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Thank you for your support and taking the time to commit to transforming the lives of birthmothers! We will reach out to you soon to follow up.

We commit to informing new adoptive parents of MPower Alliance’s Integrity Initiatives and supporting MPower Alliance’s annual gala as a sponsor.